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Road To Findependence

"Risk Comes From Not Knowing What You're Doing"

- Warren Buffett

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Uniqueness grabs attention, makes an impression and captures a permanent place in one's memory.

There are numerous sites scattered across the internet which talk about the world of finance. Either they are way too theoretical or they have a marketing strategy as the core value of the site which has Finherently biased views. There are very few sites which discusses practical and real life possibilities in the hunt for financial freedom.

Here, we will give our best shot at providing practical, Finformative, easily relate-able content for all types of subscribers. This website will carry posts that originated out of each contributor's personal experience in the success & pit falls faced through their journey in managing money. Eventually, the idea is for the audience to have valuable take-away and in-turn become contributors themselves to the website.

Finally, if you did see some words spelled out wrongly in the earlier paragraphs, don't bother, it was intentional. :)

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